Company Background

Founded in 2009, everybody LABO Group started its operations via a joint venture with Ming Fai International Holdings Ltd. (HKSE: 3828) in 2010.  This collaboration enables the business to develop rapidly, bringing together everybody LABO’s strength in product development and technology, and Ming Fai ‘s advantageous in manufacturing and supporting facilities.

Everybody LABO’s research and development centers and the manufacturing plant – “Ming Fai Innovative & Development Skin Care Lab” is the first enterprise that has attained ISO 22716:2007 certification in Hong Kong.  Equipped with the state-of-the- art facilities, the Lab is managed by a team of R&D specialists who are empowered to collaborate with worldwide famous biochemistry companies in France and Switzerland to open up breakthrough innovations, and offer consumers the best skincare products in terms of quality, efficacy and safety that meet the international standard.

Today, everybody LABO Group boasts several brands, offering skincare, body care and hair care products from the mass to luxury retail, while providing dermatological skincare regimen to professional beauty treatment centers.  As the business has been growing rapidly, everybody LABO Group continues to look for expanding into international markets, in order to bring more quality products to the customers.